Our Services

Human Resource

Our human resource consultancy focuses primarily on aligning the clients existing HR strategy to the overall corporate strategy. We provide our clients with a holistic Human Resource service that spans from talent acquisition to talent management & retention within your organization. We ensure that we improve your Company performance, and make it a better place to work by ensuring the entire organization can deliver on strategy. An effective organization clarifies where and how work gets done. Get it right, and the payouts can be significant. With that in mind we provide our clients with the following services in a method uniquely suited to each organization.

Our solutions are centralized around 3 primary aspects of organizational Human resource. They are;

1. Structured organization design

2. Preparation of corporate budgets

3. Analyzing financial statements and recording ways to go overcome corporate cash flow issues.

Keeping this in mind we provide a host of services and solutions to our clients;

• Implementing a clear organization structure

• Compiling with statutory HR requirements (LOA, EPF, ETF, PAYE ect)

• Creating JD for each staff member to ensure jobs roles are clearly defined

• Creating individual KPI and aligning the same to the over all corporate KPI

• Project man power planning

• Performance management processes

• Drafting and Implementing overall and industry related HR policies

• Drafting and implementing employee compensation and reward schemes

• Quarterly performance evaluation

• Custom designing employee road maps (for corporates with less than 25 employee)